What is now proved, was once believed impossible!
William Blake
Harmonic Health

Harmonic Health is a group of highly qualified practitioners dedicated to an integrated mind and body approach
 to health and wellbeing, that achieves improved health, increased performance both mentally and physically and enables individuals to live life to the full.  

Integrated Health Clinic offering a range of complementary therapies.

McTimoney Chiropratic.  The McTimoney Chiropractic method is a whole body approach. The gentle nature of this technique makes it suitable for all ages. Our clinic sees people of all ages with a wide range of presenting symptoms and we have a special interest in the treatment of children and sports people.

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle and profound healing form which assists the body's natural capacity for self-repair.

Sports Injuries Therapy.
  Return to your sport as fast as possible with specialist treatment & rehabilitation.

Stress Reduction with Nikken Technolgies  

Our homes should be places of sanctuary and relaxation.  Sadly, experts agree that our home environments are contributing to our chronic illnesses, respiratory dysfunction, fatigue syndromes, headaches and digestive disorders. Harmonic Health provides Stress Reducing Technologies that can easily turn your home into a haven of rest, relaxation and recovery.The correlation of physical health to our mental wellbeing and vice versa is critical.  

Harmonic Health offers personal and corporate consultations, which are tailored to your individual requirements.  If you are both mentally and physically healthy you can achieve more in all areas of your life and fulfil your dreams and goals!

                                               achieve your goals   emotional freedom   unlock your mind

Remember - Health is not one thing - it's EVERYTHING!